Embark on a Revolutionary Journey with the Happy Place to Work (HPTW) Survey

A Leap Beyond Traditional Metrics. Unveil the Full Spectrum of Workplace Happiness, from Interpersonal Bonds and Personal Growth to Leadership Integrity and Creative Freedom. With HPTW, You’re Not Just Conducting a Survey; You're Adopting a Holistic Roadmap to Foster a Thriving, Inclusive, and Dynamic Workplace. Step into a Future Where Employee Well-being is the Heartbeat of Organizational Success. Choose to Understand, Measure, and Cultivate True Joy at Work. Join the Global Movement Towards Building Workplaces That Don't Just Function, but Flourish. Transform Your Organization Today - Because a Happy Workplace is the Foundation of Extraordinary Achievement!

When employees feel valued, supported, and aligned with the company's mission and values, they are more likely to be engaged in their roles towards their work.

Organizations with a positive culture tend to embrace change more readily, as employees feel a sense of trust, transparency, and collective purpose.

A workplace that prioritizes employee well-being, professional growth, and inclusivity becomes an attractive proposition for top talent.

This includes promoting work-life balance, offering mental health resources, reducing stigma and creating a culture of empathy and understanding.

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At Happy Place To Work, we passionately believe in the transformative power of workplace happiness. Recognizing that happy employees are the cornerstone of exceptional customer experiences, we are dedicated to empowering organizations in fostering people-centered cultures. From innovative strategies to actionable insights, we stand as your partner in cultivating workplace joy, driving engagement, and ultimately ensuring the success of both your team and your business.

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Base Plan

Designed to gather valuable insights into the factors that contribute to a positive work environment.

  • Upto 200 Emplyees
  • HPTW Certification
  • Free Summary Report

Advance Plan

Includes a paid version where a comprehensive and detailed analysis would be provided.

  • Detailed Demographic-wise Report
  • Collateral Support
  • Survey Report Debrief
  • Organizational level action Planning
  • HPTW Certification

Advance Pro

Our Experts supports you in complete multiple level action planning based on your specific requirements.

  • In- depth reports
  • Multilevel Action Planning
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Organizational Level Workshops
  • Complete Hand-holding
  • HPTW Certification

Why You Should Choose the Happy Place to Work Survey

Assessment of Workplace Happiness

Unlike traditional surveys that focus narrowly on employee engagement or satisfaction, HPWDI provides a comprehensive assessment of workplace happiness. It delves into critical dimensions including emotional well-being, professional fulfillment, work-life balance, inclusive culture, and supportive leadership, offering a holistic view of your organization’s health.


Culturally Sensitive &
Globally Applicable

HPWDI is designed with global applicability in mind, respecting and incorporating cultural nuances. This makes it an ideal tool for multinational corporations and diverse workplaces, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued, irrespective of cultural background.


Enhances Employee Engagement & Retention

By addressing key factors that contribute to overall happiness, the survey helps in boosting employee engagement and retention. A workplace that understands and prioritizes the happiness of its employees is more likely to foster loyalty and a sense of belonging.


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Meet Expert Team

Dr. Sunil Singh

Founder at Happy place to work Institute.

Manish Kumar

HR Thought Leader

Saswati Barat

Organizational Psychologist
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