In the modern work ecosystem, the conversation has shifted. No longer are we solely focused on financial benefits or hierarchical growth. A new lexicon has emerged, centering on employee happiness and creating happy places to work. But what does this truly mean, and how does it differ from the traditional metrics we’ve adhered to for decades?

The Essence of Employee Happiness

Employee happiness transcends mere satisfaction or engagement. It’s a holistic concept that encompasses:

  • Emotional Well-being: Do employees feel valued, recognized, and mentally at ease in their roles?
  • Professional Fulfilment: Does their job provide them with a sense of purpose and personal growth?
  • Balance & Autonomy: Are they afforded the work-life balance and autonomy in decision-making that modern professionals crave?
  • Cultural Alignment: Does the organizational culture resonate with their personal beliefs, fostering a sense of belonging?

Characteristics of Happy Places to Work

A truly happy workplace is not just about perks, pay, or promotions. It’s characterized by:

  1. Transparent & Ethical Leadership: Where decisions are made with integrity, and leaders are approachable and trustworthy.
  2. Inclusive Environment: Diversity is celebrated, and everyone, regardless of background, feels included.
  3. Continuous Learning: Opportunities for professional and personal growth abound.
  4. Well-being Focus: Mental health, emotional support, and stress management are prioritized.
  5. Open Communication: Employees have channels to voice concerns, give feedback, and feel genuinely heard.

The Need to Evolve Beyond Existing Surveys

The traditional “Best Employer” or “Employee Engagement” surveys have contributed significantly over the years. However, the shifting dynamics of the global workplace demand an evolution. It’s time to transcend these models and focus on the more comprehensive, transparent, and ethically sound “Happy Place to Work” approach.

Introducing the “Happy Place to Work” Brand by Mindstream Consulting

Mindstream Consulting is thrilled to introduce the “Happy Place to Work” brand – a novel initiative aiming to redefine workplace surveys. Our methodology is grounded in:

  • Ethicality: We staunchly believe that paid surveys often lead to quid pro quo expectations from the organizations, compromising the authenticity of survey results. This, unfortunately, renders many paid surveys questionable at best. In contrast, our diagnostics will be freely available to organizations and individuals and we will completely operate on a crowd funding model.
  • Transparency: Our goal is to publish global, regional, and country-specific rankings based on the HPTW Index, derived from our proprietary Happy Place to Work Diagnostic Instrument (HPWDI). Every organization, regardless of size or stature, can participate, and in return, we’ll be sure to provide a summary report of their results. Employees can participate in this diagnostics independent of their organization’s participation.
  • Inclusivity: This diagnostic tool will be universally accessible to employees worldwide. We aren’t selling it; we’re sharing it. We aim to democratize the evaluation process, ensuring every voice is heard and every organization can benefit.

Stay Tuned!

In our commitment to revolutionizing how we view workplaces, we’re excited about the global rollout of this initiative. If your organization is passionate about true employee happiness and would like to be a trailblazer in this movement, please reach out to if you would like to participate in the first edition of the “Happy Place To Work Survey”. Be the first to register your organization. This survey will be open to all organizations across all continents.

Remember, it’s not just about being the best in the world but being the best for the world. Let’s build happier workplaces together!

Stay tuned for more on this ………………… Be Happy and Spread Happiness

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